Competitive Edge

  • Customer Advantage

The company is committed to the global well-knownOLEDPanel manufacturers to provide high-quality patented products and technical support, customer coverageWide, including Beijing Oriental, Tianma, and Hui, Huaxing Optoelectronics, Xinli and so on. Company againstOLEDThe core functional layer material of the device is builtSerialized product group, excellent product performance, high-quality patented products to ensure the core competitiveness, for the sustainable development of the company's business to lay a solid maintain a leading domestic position.

  • R & D and technical advantages

The company has mastered a comprehensive, leading OLED organic material core technology and production know-how, with leading production processes and OLED. Device preparation technology research platform, strong research and development team, chief scientist for the Ministry of Science and Technology high-end foreign experts to introduce program items. The core technical team is led by doctors and masters, and has participated in a number of national and provincial key R & D projects. Rich R & D and industrialization experience. With its own research and development advantages, the company cooperates with customers in project development and provides customers with devices. Evaluate technical support to jointly promote product upgrade iteration and new product expansion. In addition, the company and Xi'an Jiaotong University, Tianjin University, etc. Universities establish joint research centers, collaborative training and education bases, and continue to carry out cutting-edge technology research and achievement transformation.
  • Device evaluation advantage

The company has OLED device preparation technology research platform, with device evaluation capabilities. The company has tested the properties of OLED devices.Can evaluate data such as material efficiency and life, test the matching between materials, and recommend the most suitable materials for customers. Device evaluation mentionHigh efficiency of the company's products in customer verification, device matching and other aspects, at the same time for the company to continue to develop new materials, improve products.quality, enhance customer stickiness, etc. play an important role in helping to enter the next generation of material supplier system for panel manufacturers.
  • The whole industry chain through, integrated production capacity

The company has formed from patent analysis, material structure design, material preparation, high purity sublimation, device preparation to device testing.The whole industrial layout, has from"OLEDintermediate—OLEDmaterial before sublimation—OLEDTerminal materials "integrated production capacity,It has the advantages of fast response service and cost control ability.
  • Production process advantages

In the course of many years of production practice, the company has accumulated a wealth of production experience, the production process and process technology continue to advance.Line improvement and breakthrough, and then improve the quality of products. The company has a wealth of mass production in the chemical synthesis and sublimation purification of materials.Experience, strong process design skills. Through the continuous optimization of production technology, equipment and technology, the company continues to improve production.Product yield, through the increase of device evaluation to further strengthen the quality control, to ensure the high level of product quality and high stability.


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